Monday, 22 July 2013

Spying Technology on the Rise

The iphone spy software has been designed keeping in mind multiple users. Today, an iPhone is owned by people of varying ages and social groups. This software is as useful to parents trying to keep an eye on the activities their children as it is to an employer trying to monitor the employee mobile usage to safeguard confidential information. It is no wonder that with multiple uses and a broad target market, the iPhone spy has become such a widely used software.

IPhone spy is nothing less than a dream come true. One of the most guarded possessions of any person is their iPhone, and more importantly the data within the phone. And, now the iPhone spy has made it possible to breach all the security and gain unguarded access to all the information stored within the phone. The broad spectrum of the new iPhone spy design means that all types of information can be accessed via the spy; this includes everything stored within the inbuilt memory of the phone as well as the data stored in external memory cards. In simple words, the spy software offers you to get your hands on all the messages of the iPhone which you are targeting, read up all the web browsing history including emails, see all the numbers/contacts dialed from the phone or any calls received on the phone, and the list goes on to include all the photographs and the videos saved.

The working of the iPhone spy is relatively simple compared to the exclusive benefits it offers. The software is available for sale online on the website of its parent company, MobiEspion. Once you log onto that website, the option for ‘purchase now’ is clearly highlighted; click onto the tab to begin the purchase transaction. The transaction requires a few personal details that are kept confidential by the company and credit card information to make the online payment. As soon as this small step is over, the software is ready to be installed. The website offers complete instruction guide on how to install this software in the target iPhone. After installation, the software records every data item in the phone and transfers it to its owner.

The iPhone spy software offers all the amazing features to its user with the guarantee of user safeguard, that is, the software design ensures that the user of the iPhone cannot trace the presence of any spy software within the phone or ever come to know about the user of the spy software. This feat has been made possible in two steps. Firstly, the spy software, when installed within the iPhone, has been programmed to completely cover the traces of its existence; no icon is displayed in the program/ menu list, and while the software furtively does all its designated tasks, no proof of the work being carried on is displayed to the user. Therefore, any user of the iPhone that contains the iPhone spy has no way to come to know about the spy software. Secondly, the spy software communicates with its owner/ user through a remote interface. The software records and sends all the data to its user on an online account. The spy software user has privileged access to this online account which is protected through a unique username and password.

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